Docura Shih-Tzu's is a small home-raised breeding program that guarantees healthy, beautiful, quality puppies for reasonable prices. As
an honest Shih-Tzu lover and breeder, I feel that it is more important to focus on finding just the right loving home for my puppies. I make
this a top priority and I do my best to protect and  help preserve this wonderful breed!!

I began my breeding program because of my first Shih-Tzu that we loved so much!  We put 100% effort into ensuring that our dogs receive
the most exceptional care;  because of this care we have the wonderful shih tzu that we do.  Our home is set up so they can live inside as
pets, enjoying our daily life schedule.  We just love our dogs.  They are the most compassionate creatures we have ever come across.
They are all purebred AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. Great temperaments are important here and we screen test yearly for
genetic and health deficiencies, only breeding the best dogs we can.

It is my pleasure to welcome all qualified buyers to come visit our dogs in our home. Here you will meet my dogs and  see how much they
are loved.  I guarantee they will welcome you with lots of kisses!!  Socialization is very important so we will socialize, hold, kiss and care
for them as much as possible.  Our own sons are around them and assists us in getting them used to a good happy life!!  Sometimes
there is an  adjustment period when they first come into a new environment, but the adjustments go quickly if you take the time to let them
warm up to you, they will need to know you love them!!  Being held and touched they will become accustomed to you and let me tell you
something:  they will love you so much unconditionally and that, is a great feeling!!!

Well I cannot write everything I wish to say, since it is very difficult for me because I speak "Portuguese," but I wanted to let you know a
little bit "About Us."
Please Note:  My top priority is that the right puppy goes to the right home with a forever warm and loving family.
If you think you can take good care of them and decide a shih-tzu is the breed of dog you want, please let me know.  I will be happy to help
you with any concerns, questions and/or information you may
 Valeria Gerace
Valeria Gerace
Moore, SC  29369